How did I learn Spanish in 1 Month?
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About Us

I'm Ahmed. Your host at Rapidly Fluent.

I spent 10+ years in school studying French and still could not hold a conversation beyond asking to go use the washroom or saying hello!

I also spent the same amount of time trying to learn Arabic on and off over summers with the same end result. I could say hello and ask how you're doing but that's about it

Then I somehow learned Spanish in 1 month while relocated to the Dominican Republic for work. This was amazing to me. After so many years of struggling I finally discovered how to learn.. THIS is what I want to share with you!

I hate conventional language learning methods and learning methods in general that are not practical nor do they provide functional end results.

I believe there are more efficient ways of doing things. I share them with you lovely individuals through this blog

Happy reading,

What we do

At Rapidly Fluent we share the latest and greatest on how to do things more efficiently. Right now we're focused on language learning!

This might mean fluency in 1 month - like I was able to do with Spanish - or perhaps 3 months, everyone has their own pace. 

We will show you how:

  • YOU can confidently speak any language in weeks not years
  • YOU can enrich your travel experiences through language learning
  • YOU can improve your career through language learning

without tying up years of your time. 

Get the FREE language hacking e-book and I'll show you exactly how you can speak any language confidently in weeks not years!